This is a page meant for sharing all of your hair color disasters so that others might not make the same mistakes! Just write your disaster story like the one below, and then follow it by typing "~" three times (this signs your name)

Tabby Cat Hair "Once, I dyed my hair accident. I had used L'Oreal Preference 5 1/2 AM Medium Amber Copper Brown and I believed that it would come out similar to the box...or at worst, dark brown. Boy, was I wrong. I was so upset about this that I went to CVS to get a box of L'Oreal hair color remover. I would normally just use Color Oops, except for the fact that I knew black color was harder to get rid of. Only problem? I only bought one box, and my hair needed two. I mistakenly believed I covered all of my hair, but it turned out that I had only covered patches and stripes of it..and I looked exactly like my cat." -LexiLexi 23:38, May 23, 2012 (UTC)

Coppery Orange Disaster I wanted some nice summery highlights in my Level 6 hair... I tried this at home and ended up with all over coppery orange hair that left my golden-toned skin looking ridiculous. Ever the improptu stylist, I used blue food coloring (to counteract orange) mixed with shampoo to wash out the orange... It worked well, and I learned how not to lighten my hair. -Jaeie, 3/12/13 (UTC)

Hair Straightening Disaster  My hair is very thick, very dark, and fairly coarse.  My at the time, fiancé, likes it when I straighten my hair.  We were supposed to get married a year prior, but due to unforseen circumstances and a precious bundle, we had to postpone.  I had been so busy with wedding and baby, I didn't have time to straighten my hair and decided to get it chemically straightened.  I didn't have time to go to the salon and none were baby-friendly.  I also had no one who could babysit, just having moved to a new town.  I went to Sally's and grabbed a box of striaghtened - the wrong box.  It was for ethnic hair, extra strength.  When I asked if it should do the trick, the cashier said that it should be fine, never mentioning I might want to try a different brand.  Went home, put on the straightened and five minutes in my hair started to look rubbery.  I ran to the bathroom to rinse it out to find clumps falling off!  The straightener burnt my hair off!  My fiancé came into the bathroom and we were just laughing - aw well, what can you do?  I got a hoodie and drove to the salon.  My shoulder-length hair was now 1/4" long.  I bought a bunch of pretty headbands and clips and got married a week later.  Ahhh good times haha.  -Stephanie, 5/21/2013