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Anyone of any skin color or ethnicity can have a warm undertone.

How to Tell:

  • If you look good in colors such as gold and brown, you are warm toned.
  • Take a piece of fabric and see if you look better in white or off-white (peachy white, vanilla, etc). If you look good in off-white,  you are warm toned.
  • If you look good with hair colors that have warm tones (red, orange, or gold undertones).
  • If you look good with lipstick colored beige, peach, red, or coral, you are warm toned.
  • Go have your makeup done professionally and the makeup artist will most likely do an accurate match for your skintone.

Remember that not everyone is warm toned and it can get tricky when trying to find out your undertone. Not everyone can get it right the first time and it can take various different trial and errors in order for you to find the perfect foundation shade and undertone.