1. Classic Beach Waves

Let wet or damp hair air-dry a bit more and use salt spray. Divide it into four sections, put it in a bun, and let your hair dry between 30-45 minutes. Let it out and just spritz the salt spray a bit more.


2. Knotted Bun

No hairstyle is as versatile as the fabulous top-knot. Put your hair into a ponytail to smooth it out. Then, you can use a smoothing gel or a texturizer, so you can have more control over sectioning. Take two pieces, tie it into a knot, and put pieces of your hair around it. Another option, because your hair is already in a ponytail, is to do a simple wraparound. Put it into that bun and it's ready to go.


3. Chic Ponytail

We can all agree: there's nothing quite as timeless as a basic ponytail.The low pony tail is very in. One way you can give the pony an ultrachic look is to give your hair a deep-set part or a double-part, parting in a "v" shape, starting at the front to the back, and brush the ponytail so it's nice and smooth. Because we're dealing with a very simple, low ponytail, it's fun to play up the part so you can give it a different look.


Source: Marie Claire