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The Bow Braid Popular Hairstyles Cute Girls Hairstyles

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These are the instructions for how to do a bow braid.

First thing:Edit

You MUST be able to French braid in order to do this style.  If you do not know how, find someone (or a site) that can help you and then you can learn the bow braid.

How to:Edit

  • First, you're going to start a simple French braid.  It does not matter whether it is a side braid or two braids, just as long as it's French.
  • NEXT: this step may be the most important.  LEAVE SOME HAIR OUT OF THE BRAID/S!  You need hair to make the bows.
  • Once you have braided your hair (all but the pieces you leave out), you're going to split the hair that's down into small sections.
  • Take your TOP section of hair and tuck it through the first part of your French braid.  After that, you leave some of that hair in a loop and you take the rest of it and fit it through the SECOND part of your Frech braid.  You just continue to do this until you have all the hair looping through your braid/s to look likes bows.

If there is any confusion, please check out the video above.