People who are olive toned are usually people with green and gold undertones. Olive toned skin, despite having a yellow cast, is a netural undertone. Many people think olive skin is naturally tanned skin. However, olive is an undertone, and just like cool toned, or warm toned skin, it can range from fair to dark.

How to Tell:

  • You have a greenish cast to your skin.
  • Take a piece of fabric and see if you look better in white or off-white (peachy white, vanilla, etc). If you suit both, you are likely olive toned.
  • Despite being a neutural undertone, you can be cool olive, or warm olive.
  • If you have fair-light olive skin tone, you are more likely cool, and may find you suit silver, white, blue, greens, purples, violets, cool reds, better. However, you can still get away with warm tones.
  • If you have a medium-dark olive skin tone, you are more likely warm, and may find you suit golds, red, orange, bronze, and earth tones better. However, you can still get away with cool tones.
  • If you go out in the sun for an extended period of time and you get tan easily, you are olive and/or warm toned.
  • If you look good with hair colors that have either warm, neutural or ash tones, you are likely olive.

Remember that not everyone is olive toned and it can get tricky when trying to find out your undertone. Sometimes you look good in both cool and warm tones when it comes t

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Fair skin with olive undertones

Not everyone can get it right the first time and it can take various different trial and errors in order for you to find the perfect foundation shade and undertone. Keep in mind that olive toned people should stay away from color with purples or violets in them because it will clash with their skin tones. Purple and yellow are opposite colors on the color wheel which is why it will not flatter people with olive toned skin.