Neutral tone can be found is anyone of any skin color or race. Luckily neutral tones have the most variety out of all the other undertones. 

How to Tell:

  • If you look good in colors such as gold, brown, silver, and blue you are neutral toned.
  • Take a piece of fabric and see if you look better in white or off-white (peachy white, vanilla, etc). If you look
    Barbara - Palvin-Wallpaper-003
    good in both,  you are neutral toned.
  • Check to see if the veins in your wrist are either blue or green. If it does not look either green or blue, you are neutral toned.
  • If you go out in the sun for an extended period of time and you get tan easily, you are neutral toned or possibly leaning closer to the warmer side.
  • If you look good with hair colors that have warm tones (red, orange, or gold undertones) or cool tones (green, blue, and violet), you are neutral toned.
  • Go have your makeup done professionally and the makeup artist will most likely do an accurate match for your skintone.

Remeber that not everyone is warm toned and it can get tricky when trying to find out your undertone. Sometimes you look good in both cool and warm tones when it comes to makeup and hair and that means you are neutral. Not everyone can get it right the first time and it can take various different trial and errors in order for you to find the perfect foundation shade and undertone. It can be a little trickier when dealing with neutral toned people because they can sometimes lean closer to either cool or warm but they still look good in both. I am personally neutral toned but I do lean closer to the warmer side. However, I am not so warm in a sense that I have a strong yellow undertone which is why I choose a neutral foundation.