L'Oreal Preference 9 Natural Blonde is a light blonde shade from L'Oreal Preference. It has neutral tones.


Since this shade has neutral tones it is best suited to people with neutral toned skin. However, it will be best-suited toward people with hair naturally lighter than medium brown. One's eyebrows must be light brown or lighter to pull this color off.


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"This product is very easy to use. I had been using a medium golden blonde shade on my dark brown/gray hair and it always came out looking like strawberry blonde and too unnatural. I have to do a 2-step process because my hair is so dark at the root area. I use Super Blonde to cover my roots first and then apply the Natural Blonde. It is a much cooler shade and my gray blends more naturally with it. I always had to use a touch up pen around my ears because the medium blonde did not cover well. Hope this keeps working the same way every time."-Litlj43, Youngstown OH

"I have been coloring my hair off and on for the last 40 years, and have always used L'Oreal Hair Color. I have medium ash blond hair that is graying and is baby fine. I alternate among the lighter blond colors, with ash blonds, natural blonde, beige blond. My skin tone does not support the golden and red colors although I would love to experiment with a strawberry blond color. I wash my hair every day. My hairdresser is amazed at the condition of my hair, considering I have been using home coloring products as long as I have. I am now almost 61 years old, and my hair is soft, shiny, and as the roots grow out they blend rather well with my L'Oreal color. I can get away with coloring my hair about every 6 weeks."- Cathy Psych Nurse, OH


Do not use on hair previously dyed darker than light blonde. Do not use on hair naturally darker than light brown. Doing so will result in brassiness and/or hot roots.

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