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L'Oreal Preference 9G Light Golden Blonde is a light blonde shade with golden tones from Garnier Nutrisse.


Since this shade has golden tones, it will suit a warm toned complexion. However, it will not suit everyone with golden tones in their skin. It will really only suit someone who has a complexion that can pull off a light blonde hair color, so most likely, it will suit someone with naturally light hair, from light brown to lightest blonde. People with cool toned skin should avoid this color. Because it has golden tones it runs the risk of becoming slightly red or copper-toned with time.


Do not use this color on virgin hair darker than light brown. Do not use this color on hair that has been dyed any shade darker than light blonde. Because it is a warm toned blonde it runs the risk of turning slightly reddish over time, and become more like a strawberry blonde.

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