Black hair color is notoriously difficult to remove, even when it's not permanent. Unlike with other types of dyes, gentle treatments like Color Oops and hot oil will not work to remove it.

It also depends on what type of color you're going for. If you just want your hair to be slightly lighter, feel free to use Color Oops, but make sure you really wash it all the way out and follow the directions. You also might need to do two rounds of it.

However, if the color you are trying to attain is far lighter than black, you are going to need to use bleach. Many people are afraid to use bleach--and it is damaging to the hair, so this fear makes sense--but it shouldn't always be avoided. With the right protein treamtents and hydrating conditioners, you can bleach your hair without totally killing it (a trim might be necessary though!)

If you are trying to go far lighter than black, consider stopping mid-way at a dark red shade, which you will see when you start bleaching the dyed black hair. It will turn red before it turns orange, and eventually it will turn yellow and then white. Most likely, if you dyed your hair black, it will take a while to get to the white stage, so you're better off sticking with red or mahogany hair for a month, and then bleaching it and toning it every weight weeks or so until you have the color you desire. And remember to hydrate those locks and feed them protein! When hair is angry, it splits, and that's never good.


How to Successfully Remove Black Hair Dye

How to Successfully Remove Black Hair Dye

How I Got My Hair From Black To Blonde

How I Got My Hair From Black To Blonde.

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