Too often, when people dye their hair red, they complain of a few things--it shows up too dark, and it fades quickly. Red hair dye fades notoriously fast, but also never fades all the way--it always sort of "remains". This is because red hair dye molecules are smaller than the molecules of black, brown or blonde hair color. They wash out the fastest, but they also stay around forever.

When going for bright red hair, many women don't realize you actually need light hair to start with. If you try to go bright red on black hair, you're going to have a harder time than if your hair is blonde.

So here we go...these are tips for how to get bright red hair! Have fun!

  1. If your hair is currently blonde- You're in luck! This will be easy for you. However, go with a color at the store that is light, and bright. Try to stay above a Level 6. Some colors you should try are Garnier Nutrisse 76 Rich Auburn Blonde (Hot Tamale), Revlon Colorsilk 45 Bright Auburn, L'Oreal Preference RR-07 Intense Red Copper, or Manic Panic Vampire Red. Just make sure to deep condition, possibly with a color-depositing conditioner because it will fade quickly. You can also find good bright red shades at professional beauty supply stores.
  1. If your hair is natural, and dark- This is going to be harder, but you're lucky you don't have any artificial color on your hair. You can go one of two ways--color your hair with a high lift red, or bleach your hair and then go red. The good thing about bleaching your hair to go red is that you really don't need to bleach it all the way--since bleach will turn dark hair red before it turns it white, You will only have to keep it on for a few minutes, and then use a bright, light red color from there. However, you can also use Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Ultra Intense Red for Darker Hair Permanent Color, R3 Light Intense Auburn. This shade has been known to lift dark hair very light. L'Oreal Hicolor, sold in salons, is also great for this.
  1. If your hair is darker than blonde, and color-treated- You are going to have to use bleach. Don't shy away from bleach, though. If your hair is in okay condition, you can use bleach on it for a few minutes to get it to the red-orange stage, and then use a red shade over that. Remember to use a protein treatment in between bleaching and coloring!
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