Sometimes, it can be fun to have bright red or blue hair, but it's not always practical, and it's a big commitment--not to mention it inflicts a lot of damage on your hair. Sometimes it's fun to go with a happy medium--keep your hair the way it is, and then leave one streak, to dye whatever crazy color you want.

Normally, people who do this opt to use Manic Panic, which is a great brand of hair color if you want to go for an unnatural shade.

  1. When you do this, pick a streak of hair close to your face--if it's anywhere else, nobody will notice it. Some people like to do a few streaks on the underside of their hair, so that when they wear their hair in an updo, it shows. This is also a good technique.
  1. Isolate your hair in a ponytail, aside from the streak which you want to color.
  1. Bleach the streaks (unless your hair is already super light blonde) and wrap the bleached areas in plastic wrap to prevent the bleach from getting on your skin and face.
  1. Check consistently to make sure the bleach has worked. When your hair is very light yellow, or white, you're done. If the streak you want to do is red, you don't need to bleach your hair super light--you can stop when it turns orange.
  1. Wash the bleach out of the strip of hair. When it's dry, you can proceed, but it's best to do a protein treatment or deep conditioning treatment on the strip first.
  1. Cover your hair with the Manic Panic color of your choosing. A pink streak is pretty cool, and it's edgy without going too far! Try Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink or Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink.

This Technique In Real Life[edit | edit source]

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