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Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Nutri-Browns Lightening Color Creme For Dark Hair, Reddish Brown B2 (Roasted Coffee) is a high lift brown color meant for lightening dark brown or black hair. It has red tones.


This shade has strong red tones, which look particularly flattering on light-skinned people, or anyone who has coloring similar to that of a natural redhead. If you look good in red lipstick or red clothes, this is also a good shade for you. Because it is high lift, the red tones will be extremely apparent.


It is important to follow the directions for this shade very closely as it is high lift and can result in brassiness.

You should not use this shade on hair that has been colored before, or light hair (lighter than medium brown). If you used this shade before and are re-touching, then it's fine.

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