Garnier Nutrisse 80 Medium Natural Blonde (Butternut) is a blonde shade from Garnier Nutrisse with neutral tones.


This shade could flatter a variety of people in terms of skin tone, but it will probably not flatter anyone who is olive toned or whose natural hair color (and thus, eyebrow and eyelash color) is darker than light brown.


Five reviewers gave this shade 4.4/5 stars on

"I have colored at home for years with no problems. When I found out about how Nutrisse moisturizes hair, I was sold. I didn't expect to go from dark blond to the picture on the box, but I was shocked when my roots ended up carroty red while the ends were brassy. I will be going to the salon tomorrow morning to try to get this fixed."-kdrockstar, minnesota

"More natural looking than Natural-Match, Natural-Instincts - all other brands. I like to change colors seasonally or sometimes just with my mood and this makes a great choice for winter to spring and really compliments my fair skin tone and hazel-green/brown eyes. In the warmer months, Macadamia (lt Nat Blonde) is also a great choice or Honey Butter (lt Golden Blonde). It's a little shocking to go from light blonde to medium blonde and advise to wash hair twice after coloring and to add hair-serum with gloss or something with a super-gloss in it so you can really see the highlighted affect that happens with graying hair. It gives a completely natural, vibrant, refreshed look! You can also go a little longer with touch-ups with this color as opposed to the lighter blonde shades. The color on this box and others I mentioned are true to what is shown. Happy Haircoloring!"- healthandfitnessenthusiast, VA


Do not use this shade on hair previously colored darker than medium blonde or on virgin hair that is darker than light brown. Using on darker hair means you run the risk of brassiness.

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