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Chamomile is the lightest blonde shade of the collection. It is a permanent, neutral shade with high lift.


This color product is perfect for people with a dark blonde or lighter hair color. It is not recomended for people starting off with hair darker than a light brown, because it will leave darker hair brassy. This shade will likely not be quite as light as the model on the box, depending on your starting color. This shade will flatter anyone with a pale to a peaches and cream skine tone. Not recomended for dark to olive complextions, because of how light this shade is, it will not appear as natural. because this is a neutral shade, expect it to turn out more yellow or brassy than the shade one the box, however this is easily remmedied by a toning shampoo or violet based toner.

This Shade In Real LifeEdit


Blogger Anna Saccone] uses Garnier Nutrisse Extra Light Natural Blonde (Chamomile)

Img 1569

This blogger, with naturally dark hair, also used Garnier Nutrisse Extra Light Natural Blonde (Chamomile)

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