Hey everyone! Today we're going to discuss some random hair facts that most people probably aren't aware about. Let's get started!

  • Hair grows faster in the summer and slower in the winter.
-- Sounds fake, right? It's true, though! Hair actually does grow faster depending on the type of weather/season you're in. The reason? The heat from the sun stimulates your hair to grow faster. I know, it sounds crazy!
  • Water, not shampoo, can actually be the cause of damaging your hair.
-- We've all been taught that we must lather our hair with shampoo in order to get our hair squeeky clean. This hair myth has been around for quite a while and the rule of banning sulfates from your hair care routine has been becoming more common in these recent years. It's true, sulfates can strip some moisture from your hair and can leave the hair a bit dry but it's actually water that causes problems, too! Water from your shower has different contaminants and metals which can cause damage to your hair.
  • You can use water to dilute developer.
-- Combine 1oz of water with 1oz of developer to bring the developer down one level. For example, combine 1oz water to 1oz of 20 developer to make a 10 volume developer. Of course mixing ratio changes depending on what the mixture requires. This mixing ratio is used by Wella.
  • Every hair color has some warmth to it.
-- I know, most of you are going to say "ash toned hair colors don't have any warmth to them because they're cool toned!" It's true, some hair colors have ash tones to them BUT there's always some underlying warmth to all hair colors. For example, levels 1-3 have red, levels 4-6 have orange, and levels 7-10 have yellow. These are called primary colors. Keep in mind that all colors have warmth to them. This can be very helpful when changing your hair color.
  • Men's hair grows faster.
-- Sad, isnt it? However, it's true. Guys' hair grows faster than women's, unfortunately. Ever notice how a guy's facial hair grows back extremely fast? Yup, that's why they have to shave costantly everyday and end up with a 5 'o clock shadow.
  • Split ends cannot be put back together.
-- Some companies out there claim they can repair split ends and bind them back together. However, that is not true. Unfortunately, once your hair splits, there's no turning back. The only way of getting rid of it is by cutting it off. You can use products to minimize the appearance of split ends but you can't repair them.