Blonde is a hair color that is not seen on most people. Blonde, also known as blonde, hair is also known as fair-hair

Blonde hair.

due to the lack of eumelanin which is what gives hair its pigment. More eumelanin means darker hair. There are many factors that gives blonde hair quite a range but there is always some kind of yellow-ish tone to blonde hair. Blonde hair ranges from levels 7 (dark blonde) to level 10 (very light or platinum blonde). Like other hair colors both natural and artificial, blonde hair can come with undertones such as red, blue, ash, or golden. Some examples are strawberry blonde (blond with reddish tones) and golden blonde also known as "sandy" blonde. Blonde hair is usually more common in Europe or America. People with natural fair skin are usually accompanied with blonde hair and blue eyes. However, there are always exceptions.